The Clarke family were the ancestors of Nance Clarke who married George (Titus) Andrew who were the parents of the family at the heart of this site. The family has been traced back to Richard Clark born in 1760 we do not know where, but he married Ann Rodd at Great Nympton in 1784, this place is not listed on current maps but there are a ring of places, Kings, Queens and Bishops Nympton to the South West of South Molton. They then had their children at South Molton, the family has a long association with that town. Although in the 1642 Protestation Record for the town there are no Clarkes or Vernons, but there are some Cooks who are possibly related.

The name changed from Clark to Clarke at some stage in history.

The historical connection between the family and the town is clearly demonstrated in the fact that the home of Richard Clarke, Baker, in the 1881 census is still a baker’s shop today

After the Baker’s shop was sold they moved to 5 North Street.

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