Nell (Ellen Annie) Clarke 1882-1966

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Full Name Ellen Clarke

Birth#1Date of BirthApril 1882
Place of BirthSouth Molton, Devon
#2Date of Birthabt 1882
Place of BirthSouth Molton, Somerset, England
Parents#1MotherMary Jane Joyce
FatherWilliam Clarke
Siblings ♀️ Edith Mary Clarke, ♂️ John Clarke, ♂️ John Clarke, ♂️ William Joyce Clarke, ♂️ William Joyce Clarke, ♂️ John Clarke, ♂️ John Clarke
Death#1Date of deathDec 1966
Place of deathBarnstaple, Devon, England

Lived with her parents in the Bakers shop, Barnstable Road and in the 1901 census was listed as their shop assistant. After the shop was sold in 1910, in 1911 she is in the census as living with George and Nance at Holwell. She seems to have never really had a home of her own, spending time staying with various members of the family, including quite a lot with the Bater’s in Bristol.

Described in the family as a ‘dear old soul’ who was very small and very quiet.