The Hawkings family was researched by Denis Hawkings and we hope to add his books to the site with the permission of his son, the Rev Tim Hawkings. Most of the information on these pages comes from his books.

Denis found the first mention of a Hawkins (the spelling changes) in Berrow in 1598 when Joanne Hawkins was baptised, her parents being William and Elinor.

The next records he found was of the burial of William Hawkings in 1609, also at Berrow, and between 1593 and 1609 the burial of John sonne (sic) of William Hawkings. But there are no early marriage records to piece together the early family history. Unfortunately copies of early wills which would have given us more information were taken to Exeter for safe keeping in the Second World War and destroyed in the bombing of the city.

The baptism of James, son of Joseph Hawkings on August 7th, 1726 is the first record which provided the basis of the family tree.

The family records show a long association with Brean, although the family moved to Hunstpill in the late 1700’s where William Body Hawkings (1806-1893) was a prominent figure.

Jesse Hawkings gravestone at Berrow
Jesse Hawkings grave at Berrow

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