Robert Champion 1791-1865, m Ann Harden 1789-1853

Robert Champion
born: 1791
died: ABT 26 JUL 1865
Circa 1825 Robert CHAMPION67 was a farmer in Edingworth East Brent SOM, but at some stage lived at Battleborough Farm which is connected to the Harden family
WSMFHS Transcripts Mark.
: Ann Harden
born: 1789
died: 05 OCT 1853
1841 census Robert age 50. Ann age 50 in South Brent. Occupation Farmer South Brent – The 1801 population of 500 persons had doubled by 1841 due to the temporary presence of itinerant railway workers building the Bristol to Exeter railway which runs north-south near the western base of the Knoll. Between 1875 and 1883 the village name was changed from South Brent to Brent Knoll to avoid passenger confusion with the village of South Brent in Devon.

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