Edmund [1832-1892], Mary Hembry [1840-1875] and Elizabeth Harris

The Family of Edmund and Mary Hawkings, married in April 1860 at Burnham, by licence as Mary was only nineteen.

“Witnesses at the wedding – Jane Cook Hembry (certainly a relative of Mary’s but exact kinship unknown – could she have been her Godmother?), W. Hawkinqs (bit straight to the point, but most likely Edmund’s brother Walter), Ann Hawkings (second wife of George Hawkings), Elizabeth Cook (Mary’s mother was a Cook, so obviously a relative on this side), Frederick Hawkings, and C. Isger (see the note about this name from the wedding of Jesse Hembry)”. (Denis Hawkings book p22).

Lived at Northam Farm.  Mary died in 1876 and Edmund married Elizabeth Sophia Harris, known in the family as Aunty Lizzie.


Edmund died on the 21st December 1892, still at Northam., and Lizzie moved to Hill View, Berrow Road, Burnham.

In the 1914 Kelly’s directory Aunty Lizzie is listed in the commercial section, Apartments Hill View – did she own a number of flats there?)  that address became a care home later and Iris Rose Hawkings died there. 

Children of Edmund and Mary

(1) Jesse Edmund – Born Jan 25th, 1861, at Berrow, married:

  1. Annie Corley
  2. Ethel Champion

(2) William Frederick – Baptised Auq 31st 1862, married Tyley Hawkins [1864-1934], Died Oct 5th 1936. Retired early – before 1901 – they looked after Anne Hawkings after the death of Annie Hawkings.
(3) Edgar James – Baptised Mar 4th, 1864, Married Kate Hawkings.  Emigrated to New Zealand.
(4) Walter Hembry – Baptised Apr 30th, 1874, married Helen Mary Duckett, Died Apr 14th, 1954. Set up and ran the Hawks Motor and Cycle Works – see Hawkings Family | Capture Burnham

Edmund was already married when his father died and established in his own place – Denis Hawkings in his book suggests that would have been Northam Farm.

Will and Tyley, Edmund and Lizzie, Jesse and Anne, Edgar and Kate, Walter at front, at Northam Farm, 1884
Grace Nurse added this to the picture above to explain the relationships, but reversing the names
1891 Census at Northam Farm, with Lizzie, Edgar, Walter and servants

Edmund’s Will

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