Edgar Hawkings [1864-1950] and Kate Ann Hawkings [1865-1948]

Edgar grew up at Northam Farm with his family, though he is not at home for the census of 1881.

The story in the family is that when Edmund Hawkings died Jesse and Edgar tossed a coin to decide who would take over Northam Farm and Jesse won. Edgar then emigrated to New Zealand, via South Australia where he wrote a number of letters home.

April 1892 left Plymouth. In 1893 “He writes from Woodside, South Australia -works for a man named Perkins (farming 720acres)- he is not very impressed with him- he plays the organ for the English church -(can provide more detail if necessary, also further letter where he has moved to Kangaroo Island (off South Australia)” (Jesse’s diary).

1894 – Writing from Waoku, Taheke via Russell NZ. Describes how he came to NZ via Melbourne (1day) & Sydney (3days)- He found Albert Board the day he arrived in Auckland & stayed a fortnight -then went to Charles Washer at Mangare & stayed to end of Jan 189? -then came to Taheke- liked land so much that he applied  to Crown Lands for a lease in perpetuity (999 years) of 200 acres of bush land -since then applied for further 200 acres. He has a slab hut 10ft x 15ft put up & lives there monarch of all he surveys doing own cooking, washing & making bread. No permanent neighbours except 2 brothers other side of River Winamac (which he crosses by stepping on boulders) ibid

He served in the Boer War, 1899-1902, having joined the Volunteers in 1886 (Jesse’s diary).

After serving in the Boer war, he returned to New Zealand vis South Australia. In Adelaide he met Kate Hawkings, his cousin, who had emigrated with her brother Albert, children of Walter and Mary Anne Hawkings. They were married in Adelaide in 1907 and returned to New Zealand, Kate carefully carrying her bone china tea set on the journey. They had no children, although Kate did become pregnant in New Zealand but lost the baby.

Kate Hawkings said she always wanted to marry Edgar and they were photographed in 1884 together in a family photograph outside Northam Farm (on the right).

Will and Tyley, Edward and Lizzie, Jesse and Anne, Edgar and Kate, Walter at front, at Northam Farm, 1884
Shortly after arriving in New Zealand.
The chest he took with him – given to Tim when he died and still in the family.
Later in Queens Street, Aukland, New Zealand

He died in 1954 and was cremated at Waikumete cemetery in Aukland, New Zealand.

Letters home

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