Frederick [1804-1860] and Sarah Hawkings nee Harris [1812-1904]

The Family of Frederick and Sarah Hawkings {1812-1904)

(1) Edmund – Baptised Jan 8th 1833, Married Apr 12th 1860, Mary Hembry, Died Dec 21st 1892.
(2) Walter – Baptised June 27th 1837, Married Mary Ann Hawkings, Died June 9th 1884.  Walter and Mary were in the 1871 census running Paradise Farm.
(3) Frederick – Baptised Aug 14th 1840, Died Oct 30th 1901.

1851 Census, they were farming at Hearn (Hurn?) Lane, Berrow – 112 acres, with two labourers.

In 1861 census Sarah is listed as the Farmer and Head of household at Ham House., with her son’s Walter 23, and Frederick 20. Edmund was already married.

Later she married Thomas Cook, from Rooksbridge. 

She outlived him and then lived with her two sisters in Burnham (Edithmead).


Frederick’s will. . . “I, Frederick Hawkings, of the Parish of Berrow and County of Somerset, Farmer, do make this my last will and testament in manner and form following; that is to say I give unto my son Edmund Hawkings all my land in South Brent the six acres, the three acres adjoining called Middle Lake, and four acres in Brent Field, and half in Acrefield to him and his heirs for ever by payinq his mother 10 pounds a year during her life. I give to my son Walter Hawkings the Farm House, Garden, Six pens, Oxhouse, and outbuildinqs adjoining this, four acres called Brimbank, that I bought of Simon Hooper’s Trustees to him and his heirs for ever after paying his brother Edmund 50 pounds and his mother 10 pounds (per annum) during her life. I give to my son Frederick Hawkings, Stoney Causeway eight acres as I bought of Simon Hooper’s  Trustees, also I give to him four acres in Nettleworth eiqht acres to him and his heirs for ever by paying his mother 10 pounds (per annum) durinq her life. All monies out to interest and all my live and dead stock to be valued or sold by Public auction in six months after my death as the trustees think proper and equally divided among them … “.


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