Edward Champion 1847-1906 and Martha Board

Born 1848 at East Brent, one of 9 children.  Parents were John and Maria.

Extracts from Denis Hawkings book

“Edward Champion was born in 1847 and married Martha Board on 11th March 1875. Martha was born in 1850 at East Brent. It appears that the family had arrived at Lympsham some time after 1840, his father being John Champion. Before the birth of Ethel, there was a son, Ivor, about whom I have mentioned both at New Zealand and later in the First World War. Although I have no date, it seems that the family moved on from Eastertown to Westbury, and it was there that Maurice Champion was born. We shall be meeting him at a later stage in our story. (I am not certain about which Westbury is relevant here but my best guess is 1hat it refers to what is at present Westbury-sub­-Mendip near Wells and which, in old maps is referred to as plain Westbury. Other possibilities are Westbury in Wiltshire or Westbury-on-Trym to the West of Bristol.)  We next find the family at Church Fann, Congresbury where they lived until 1888 when they finally moved to Brean Down Farm. I shall be dealing with the exchange of farms between Jesse Hawkings and Edward Champion which took place in 1907 in a later page but to complete this brief passage about the Champions I can tell you that Edward died on 23rd November 1908, aged 59 years. These details are from the monumental inscriptions of St Bridget’s Church, Brean and vary slightly from the Champion family notes.”

He was church warden in Congesbury in 1887.