Oliver Bray Andrew 1854-1906 and Isabella Fulford

Oliver Bray

 Married  1878 in Buckland Brewer

Their eldest son was Titus George the father of the Andrew family at Fitzhead.


This is from a Glover family web site.
Oliver Bray Andrew (1854~ Parkham, DEV, ENG -)
Census: 3 Apr 1881 in Great Torrington, Torrington, Devon, England – Priestacott Farm 287 acres
Census: 5 Apr 1891 in Llanddewi, Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Census: 31 Mar 1901 in Chipstable, Wellington, Somerset, England – Holwell Farm
“My mother’s version was that when Oliver Bray died at Denhill (Chipstable), Isabella moved to a house in High Street, Wiveliscombe i.e. 2-3 miles away. High Street is the hill which goes up into the centre of Wivey and was part of the main road through the town going East-West until 20 something years ago when the by-pass was put in. Mother had a story that very soon after the family moved to Fitzhead (Grandpa kept Denhill too), during one night, the horses broke out and made their way back to Chipstable – either Holwell or Denhill – the farm would have been horse-powered in the mid 1920’s,  Soon after, it came to light that our Great Granny in bed had heard horses galloping up Wivey High Street.” Kit Norrish