Oliver Bray Andrew 1854-1906 and Isabella Fulford

Oliver Bray

 Married  1878 in Buckland Brewer

Their eldest son was Titus George the father of the Andrew family at Fitzhead.


This is from a Glover family web site.
Oliver Bray Andrew (1854~ Parkham, DEV, ENG -)
Census: 3 Apr 1881 in Great Torrington, Torrington, Devon, England – Priestacott Farm 287 acres
Census: 5 Apr 1891 in Llanddewi, Newport, Monmouthshire, Wales
Census: 31 Mar 1901 in Chipstable, Wellington, Somerset, England – Holwell Farm
“My mother’s version was that when Oliver Bray died at Denhill (Chipstable), Isabella moved to a house in High Street, Wiveliscombe i.e. 2-3 miles away. High Street is the hill which goes up into the centre of Wivey and was part of the main road through the town going East-West until 20 something years ago when the by-pass was put in. Mother had a story that very soon after the family moved to Fitzhead (Grandpa kept Denhill too), during one night, the horses broke out and made their way back to Chipstable – either Holwell or Denhill – the farm would have been horse-powered in the mid 1920’s,  Soon after, it came to light that our Great Granny in bed had heard horses galloping up Wivey High Street.” Kit Norrish

Personal Information

Oliver Bray Andrew
Born Oct 1854 Parkham Parish, Devon, England
Gender ♂️ Male
Died 23 Dec 1906 Holwell House, Chipstable, Somerset, England
Buried 28 Dec 1906 Chipstable, Somerset, England

Parents ( 1 )

George Andrew
Mother Betsy Brook
Siblings ♀️ Eva Ann Andrew
♀️ Minnie Andrew
♂️ Herbert Andrew
♀️ Annie Matilda Andrew Jacob
♂️ John Andrew
♂️ Arthur Studley Andrew
♂️ George Henry Andrew

Spouses ( 1 )

Isabella Kate Fulford
Children ♀️ Alice Isabella Andrew
♂️ Cecil Reginald Andrew
♀️ Eva Jane Andrew
♂️ Titus G Andrew

Spouses ( 2 )

Isabella Kate Fulford


Oct 1854
Birth Entering into life.

📍 Parkham Parish, Devon, England

23 Dec 1906
Death Mortal life terminates.

📍 Holwell House, Chipstable, Somerset, England

28 Dec 1906
Burial Disposing of the mortal remains of a deceased person.

📍 Chipstable, Somerset, England

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