Oliver Andrew 1908-1993 and Mina Hocken

Oliver and Mina married in 1935, before they went to Sussex to farm at Broxmead Farm, Cuckfield, Sussex with Stan and Melba Andrew.

They then returned to Tatworth.

“They hired a train and loaded all the animals, Kitty the Shetland pony, the cows and all the farm equipment and it was taken down to Chard Junction. Mina was 7 months pregnant with me( Patsy) and when they got to the station Oliver had to drive the cows 1 1/2 miles to Manor Farm, Tatworth and milk the cows when they got there at 9 o’clock in the evening  There was no electricity at the farm house and no running water. They had to pump water from the well. It was Lady day, (March 21st) so not warm at that time of year. I still marvel at the tenacity of them. By then they had John Oliver aged 5 and Margaret 2 3/4.” from email from Patsy.

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