Stan Andrew 1915-2001 and Melba Sherwin 1914-2003

In 1938 Stan married Melba Sherwin at Fitzhead.

They went to Suffolk to farm with Oliver Andrew and Mina. In Sussex they had their two children Nick and Cynthia.

They then returned to the West Country and farmed at Tatworth near Chard where Stan and Oliver farmed together as the ‘Andrew Bros’, but then Uncle Stan took over Denhill and it was from there that he, Auntie Melba, Nick and Cynthia set off for South Africa (by boat) in the middle of the severe Winter of 1947.

They lived in South Africa for the rest of their lives, returning for regular visits to see the family.

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  1. David AndrewDavid Andrew says:

    Auntie Melba told us that she had put washing on the line the day before they were leaving for South Africa, come the day the washed things were frozen stiff, so they left them and emigrated. Our Grandpa took them all to Southampton but slipped over on an icy pavement, hurt a hip but being an Andrew, managed to drive home to Holway which would have been a long journey for those days. They had a bit of a party up at Denhill before they went and I can just remember Uncle John in his Morris 8 taking me home to Holway from Chipstable.

    Email from Kit Norrish

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