Eva Ann Andrew

Personal Information

Eva Ann Andrew
Born Jul 1856 Parkham Parish, Devon, England
Gender ♀️ Female
Person ID 4073
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Families (Parents) (1)

George Andrew
Mother Betsy Brook
Siblings Minnie Andrew
Herbert Andrew
Annie Matilda Andrew Jacob
John Andrew
Arthur Studley Andrew
George Henry Andrew
Oliver Bray Andrew
Family ID 7730
Last Modified 2022-01-06 14:57:29

Families (Spouses) (1)

Children Stella Bate
Family ID 7605
Last Modified 2022-01-06 14:57:24


Jul 1856

📍 Parkham Parish, Devon, England

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David Andrew

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Son of John and Freda. Lives in London, semi-retired academic/educational developer. Admin of this site.

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