Ethel Champion [1877-1968] m Jesse Hawkings

Ethel was born in 1877 at Horse Croft Farm Bratton Westbury Wilts. Father Edward Champion, mother Martha Board.

1881 Census. Edward and Martha are at Horse Croft Farm with Ivor age 5, Stanley age 2 and Maurice age 7months. There is a nursemaid called Eliza aged 13. A visitor called Mary A Board. Martha’s mother. (Who was the daughter of a Robert Champion) Edward was farming 112 acres and employed 2 men. But Ethel, aged 3, was at Lympsham with John Champion and Maria who were her grandparents, and aunt Martha age 28, uncle Albert, aunt Minnie age 22, uncle Thomas, aunt Susan age 35.

1882 Sister Emily Margaret born at Congresbury. Birth registered at Axbridge.

1885 Grandmother Maria died

1889 Grandfather John Champion died.

Kelly’s directory 1889 has Edward Champion at Church Farm Congresbury1891 In the 1891 census Ethel is a boarder at Larchmount House School. Aged 13.From circa 1890 until the mid 20s the Masonic Hall, then known as Larchmount House was a Private Boarding School for Girls. A fire gutted the building in the early 30’s. In 1935 the Brethren of the Lodge of Agriculture decided to purchase the now derelict building and after extensive renovation it was dedicated as a Masonic Hall on March 16th, 1936.

1893 Ethel was aged 16 when her brother Stanley died. Age 14 buried at Brean.1897 

In Kelly’s Directory for 1897 Edward Champion is farming at Brean Down Farm1902

Ethel and Jesse are married Jesse Hawkings in 1903

1906 Edward Champion died aged 56? and the family moved to Brean Down Farm which was a larger house.

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