Brean Down Farm

The Champion and Hawkings families are only recorded as living at the farm for a short amount of time towards the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries up to the tragic death of Jesse Hawkings on the farm in 1917, the farm is important in the memories of … Continue reading

Betsy Brook 1824-1909

Personal Information

Betsy Brook
Born abt 1824 West Putford, Devon, England Gender
♀️ Female Died 16 Dec 1909 Parkham Parish, Devon, England Person ID 4076 Last Modified 2020-08-09 12:29:14

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Jeremiah 1779-1822 and Mary Hawkings

The Family of Jeremiah and Mary Hawkings (1779-1822)
(1) Philip – Baptised Apr 6th 1803.
(2) Frederick – Baptised Nov 21st 1804, Married Apr
4th 1831-Sarah Harris, Died Dec 12th 1860.

(3) George – Baptised Feb 6th 1807, Married Apr 21st 1834
Elizabeth Board, Died June 1st 1866.
(4} Susannah … Continue reading