William Edmund Andrew 1805-1878

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Full Name William Edmund Andrew -
Birth#1Date of Birth20 Oct 1805
Place of BirthEast Putford, Devon, , England,
#2Date of BirthOctober 20, 1805
Place of BirthFrithelstock, Devon, England
FatherEdmund Smale Andrew
MotherAnn Bray
Siblings ♀️ Jane Andrew, ♀️ Julia Andrew, ♀️ Mary Ann Andrew, ♂️ John Andrew, ♂️ Edmund Andrew, ♂️ James Andrew, ♂️ George Andrew, ♂️ Thomas Andrew
Spouse#1NameMary Ann Flexman
Children ♀️ Alice Andrew, ♀️ Sarah Jane Andrew, ♀️ Elizabeth Andrew, ♂️ William Andrew, ♀️ Caroline Andrews, ♀️ Mary Ann Andrew, ♂️ Edmund Andrew, ♂️ Joseph "Job" Andrew, ♂️ John Flexman Andrew
Death#1Date of death12 Jan 1878
Place of deathHuron, Ontario, Canada
#2Date of death12 Jan 1878
Place of deathLucknow, Ontario, Canada
Burial #1
PlaceAshfield, Huron County, Ontario, Canada


Married Mary Ann Flexman at Buckland Brewer in 1829

1841 census – Bideford

1871 census – living in Ashfield, Huron South, Ontario, Canada

He died on 12 January 1878 in Huron, Ontario, Canada, at the age of 72, and was buried there.