Betsy Brook 1824-1909

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Full Name Betsy Brook
Birth#1Date of Birthabt 1824
Place of BirthWest Putford, Devon, England
FatherThomas Brook
MotherElizabeth Furse
Siblings ♂️ Tom Bowden Brook, ♀️ Emma Brook, ♀️ Mary Jane Brock
Spouse#1NameGeorge Andrew
Children ♂️ Oliver Bray Andrew, ♂️ Herbert Andrew, ♀️ Annie Matilda Andrew Jacob, ♂️ John Andrew, ♂️ George Henry Andrew, ♀️ Eva Ann Andrew, ♀️ Minnie Andrew, ♂️ Arthur Studley Andrew
Children ♀️ Francis H Bate
Death#1Date of death16 Dec 1909
Place of deathParkham Parish, Devon, England