George Henry Andrew 1860-1937

Personal Information

George Henry Andrew
Born abt 1860 Parkham, Devon, England
Gender ♂️ Male
Died 1937 Christchurch, New Zealand
Buried Canterbury, North, Central, New Zealand

Parents ( 1 )

George Andrew
Mother Betsy Brook
Siblings ♀️ Eva Ann Andrew
♀️ Minnie Andrew
♂️ Herbert Andrew
♀️ Annie Matilda Andrew Jacob
♂️ John Andrew
♂️ Arthur Studley Andrew
♂️ Oliver Bray Andrew


abt 1860
Birth Entering into life.

📍 Parkham, Devon, England

Burial Disposing of the mortal remains of a deceased person.

📍 Canterbury, North, Central, New Zealand

Death Mortal life terminates.

📍 Christchurch, New Zealand

1871 Census boarder in a house in Bideford, Drapers assistant, house with 4 children and 8 lodgers

1881 census, Head of Household with his sister Annie, 

1891 census as above

Moved to New Zealand at some stage – no record of that or of marriage.

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