Arthur Studley Andrew 1863-?

Personal Information

Arthur Studley Andrew
Born abt 1863 Parkham, Devon, England
Gender ♂️ Male

Parents ( 1 )

George Andrew
Mother Betsy Brook
Siblings ♀️ Eva Ann Andrew
♀️ Minnie Andrew
♂️ Herbert Andrew
♀️ Annie Matilda Andrew Jacob
♂️ John Andrew
♂️ George Henry Andrew
♂️ Oliver Bray Andrew


abt 1863
Birth Entering into life.

📍 Parkham, Devon, England

There is a record of someone of this name marrying Rosa Vincent at Charlton-Mackrell in 1890 – but that is not confirmed, although they are listed together in the 1891 census.

1871 census living with his father at Parkham

1891 census living in Chard with Rosa, and servant

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