Charles Clarke 1854-1928

Census data 1861,71 and 81 living with his father 1891 29 Broad Street, Jeweller – Gold Household 1901 Census 1911 – back to being listed as a jeweller again

Thomas Andrew 1818-1880

Member Information Full Name  Thomas Andrew –  Birth #1 Date of Birth 4 May 1818 Place of Birth Parkham, Devon, England Father Edmund Smale Andrew Mother Ann Bray Siblings  Jane Andrew,  Julia Andrew,  Mary Ann Andrew,  William Edmund Andrew,  John Andrew,  Edmund Andrew,  James Andrew,  George Andrew Spouse #1 Name Ann Hearding Date of Marriage Children  Ann Andrew,  James… Continue reading

John Andrew 1852-1916

Member Information         Full Name  John Andrew –  Birth #1 Date of Birth 20 May 1852 Place of Birth Parkham, Devon, England   Father George Andrew Mother Betsy Brook   Siblings  Oliver Bray Andrew,  Herbert Andrew,  Annie Matilda Andrew Jacob,  Arthur S Andrew,  George Henry Andrew,  Eva Ann Andrew,  Minnie Andrew      … Continue reading

Eva Ann Andrew 1856-?

The census’s for 1861-91 all show her living with her father in Parkham. There is reference to a son – Cecil Reginald Andrew who was living in Parkham, listed as the Grandson of George and Betsy Andrew in the 1891 census aged 6.  He is reported as having died in… Continue reading

Jeremiah 1779-1822 and Mary Hawkings

The Family of Jeremiah and Mary Hawkings (1779-1822)(1) Philip – Baptised Apr 6th 1803.(2) Frederick – Baptised Nov 21st 1804, Married Apr4th 1831-Sarah Harris, Died Dec 12th 1860. (3) George – Baptised Feb 6th 1807, Married Apr 21st 1834Elizabeth Board, Died June 1st 1866.(4} Susannah – Baptised June 27th 1809,… Continue reading

James 1748-1832 and Hannah Hawkings

The Family of James and Hannah Hawkinqs (No l in the last Family} ( l ) Ferdinando – Baptised Jan 2nd 1770, Married Ann,Buried Mar 4th 1845􀁱(2) Robert – Baptised Aug 1st 1771, Buried Aug 31st,1852.(3) Jeremiah – Baptised Mar 5th 1773, Married Apr 21st1802 – Mary Harris, Buried July… Continue reading