Arthur Thorne 1885-?

Personal Information

Arthur Thorne
Born 28 Aug 1885 Bridport, Dorset
Gender ♂️ Male
Person ID 4114
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Spouses ( 1 )

Eva Jane Andrew
Children ♂️ Andrew Thorne

Spouses ( 2 )

Eva Jane Andrew
Children ♂️ Andrew Thorne


28 Aug 1885
Birth Entering into life.

📍 Bridport, Dorset

Birth Entering into life.

📍 England

Additional Information

Additional Info

The other couple were Aunt Jane and Uncle Arthur Thorn.. Aunt Jane was Grandpa’s sister. They had a little shop in Queen St, Barnstaple,, They had one son Andrew, who I never met. I think he took off to London as there was certainly no future in the little shop. Aunt Jane was lovely and when I was in hospital in Barnstaple visited me on every visiting time. When I visited from Shebbear she would always load me up with goodies to return to school. It made me very popular!

John Andrew

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