The Corley Family Denis Hawkings, in his books about the family from which most of this information comes, suggests the name may be Irish, or from Corley in Warwickshire. The connection with our family was created when Jesse Hawkings married Annie Corley in 1885 in Highbury Wesleyan Chapel.  The Corley’s… Continue reading

Brean Down Farm

The Champion and Hawkings families are only recorded as living at the farm for a short amount of time towards the end of the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries up to the tragic death of Jesse Hawkings on the farm in 1917, the farm is important in the memories of… Continue reading


The Clarke family were the ancestors of Nance Clarke who married George (Titus) Andrew who were the parents of the family at the heart of this site. The family has been traced back to Richard Clark born in 1760 we do not know where, but he married Ann Rodd at… Continue reading